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Learn about the event platform, live sessions, on-demand content, how to browse and interact with our sponsors and more!


On Demand Content

All Odyssey registrants will have access to on-demand content. All of our live sessions will be recorded and each session will be available to watch at a later date. Each registrant will receive an email with a link to the video library.

Logging in

All Odyssey registrants should have received an email invite containing a link to directly login to their account on the event platform. If you registered on or after March 31, your confirmation will include a link to the event platform where you will register.

Open the event link > Login with registered email > A Login Code would be shared on your email > copy the code and add it > Login to the platform.

System Requirements

For the best Odyssey 2021 viewing experience, adblockers must be disabled (some of our functionality is incorrectly identified as an ad by many adblockers).
Naturally, internet is required too and we recommend a strong connection for streaming sessions.

The following browsers and devices are supported—you may have performance issues or be unable to use the site if you use an unsupported setup.

System OS:

Mac OS – Version 10 or later
iPhone & iPad OS – Version 13 or later
Windows OS – Version 8 or later
Android OS – Android 5 or later
Suggested Browser ​(​Use Google Chrome for best user experience)


Google Chrome – Version 83 or later (Recommended)
Safari – Version 13 or later
Firefox – Version 76 or later
iPad & iPhone:

Safari – Version 13 or later

Google Chrome – Version 83 or later (Recommended)
Firefox – Version 77 or later

Google Chrome – Version 81 or later (Recommended)

My Profile

This section assists attendees in managing & updating their profile, itinerary, session, notes, bookmarks & account settings.

To edit the profile, click on your profile on the top right corner of the platform. Click the Gear Icon, then click the Edit Profile tab. Update and save the changes.

To manage your notification settings, click on the Notification tab and configure the settings as per your choice.

To view the Privacy Settings, open the Privacy section from the My Profile tab. From here you can opt-out of chat messaging, meeting requests and more.

My Briefcase: All files marked or notes taken on a Session, Attendee or Speaker profile will be available as a collection in this section.

My Schedule: All registered sessions and 1:1 meetings will reflect under My Schedule.

Favorites: Attendees, Speakers, and Exhibitors can be marked as favorites. These can directly be accessed under the Favorites tab.

Watch Online Sessions

Attendees that are logged into the event will go to the Agenda tab. In the Agenda tab, a complete day-wise event agenda will be displayed along with session details. Once the host starts a session, click the Join Session button. Once the session starts, make sure to click the “Tab to unmute” button to ensure you are able to hear the audio. You need to stay on this page to view the session. We recommend using Google Chrome for a seamless viewing experience.


Virtual Booths

The Exhibitors tab will display all the virtual booth profiles participating in the event. Attendees can view the virtual booth profile by clicking on the name and it will display all the details about the exhibitors along with their contact details, social media links & relevant brochures.

Scroll down to the People section and you can interact with the booth representatives via chat or schedule a 1:1 meeting with them by clicking on the Meet button.


Meetings will help you to connect with any of the attendees on the platform. One-to-One Meetings takes place within the event platform and the duration of each meeting is 15 minutes.

At this time, it cannot integrate with your calendar. Meeting times are available for the duration of Odyssey.

To schedule a meeting or send a meeting request, hover over the profile of the attendee you wish to connect with and click on the Meet button. Select the date and time, then write a message. Once you have sent the meeting request, a notification will be sent to the attendee. The meeting request will show as Pending status in the Meeting tab until and unless the attendee accepts your invitation.

Once the meeting request has been accepted, you can now connect with them by clicking Join Meeting. Allow your system to use a microphone and camera. Enter Your Display name and Join The meeting.

To opt-out of meeting requests, click on the Opt-Out box in your Privacy Settings.


Start interacting with fellow attendees by clicking on the chat icon next to your Profile on the top bar.

To opt-out of chats, click on the Opt-Out box in your Privacy Settings.